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Southern Gentlemen

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Set securely in the Southern psyche, the 13 stories blossom into quirky portraits of the male ego. These genre-bending tales find the sweet spot between literature and storytelling.

A self-proclaimed foodie convinces himself he has women figured out, until he doesn't. Can a freshly orphaned teenager avoid becoming a ward of the state? A homeless veteran struggles for survival in his home country. Two folk artists use chainsaws to dual for the affections of a young runaway girl.

"Through his mastery of voice and dialog, Tony Burnett's characters become larger-than-life members of your dysfuctional family."

As an award winning poet, songwriter and finalist for the MIGHTY RIVER STORY PRIZE, Burnett displays a Southern populist voice.

"His characters are eccentric and endearing. A cross between an episode of Weeds and a Cohen brother's film." - Meg Tuite, fiction editor at CONNOTATION PRESS and author of Domestic Apparition.

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