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Deep in the bones of this world is the kingdom of the trees - old beyond time, and they are the guardians of this world - a magical, deeply mystic realm full of new challenges and dangers. But they are not the only ones seeking Christopher, drawing him, preparing him. There are others.

Christopher finds himself in a in a new world, one that he has never seen. Enmeshed in intrigue, desperate to find the girl he's seen in a dream, impelled by the tree guardians to an end only they see, he journeys on. Strange help finds him in the treacherous city Angelica - teaching him skills he will need. He is a key somehow to the trees' plan - and destined to the fight. First he must journey to find the mysteriously beautiful face that came to him in the night - dark hair and eyes that deeply know him - know he's close.

Andrea sees him in a dream and knows he is coming, but seeing him in a dream and knowing him when he comes is not easy. Their world is on the brink and they must risk it all to save it. She must trust the unknown forces at work in their paths - the ones that drew them together.

The ancient trees have foreseen an attack on their world that Christopher must be prepared to meet, and to win. But he must make his way through a world where everything is not what it seems. Somehow he knows there's a danger ahead that he must give everything to defeat. But something keeps pulling him towards the girl in the dream and changing him as he goes. How can he fight against an unknown attacker ? And will he find the girl in his dreams in time to save her and their future ?

This short(24,590 words) fantasy novella brings two hearts together in a dream-like world - finding love, learning to fly, discovering true identity and navigating a dream. But first Christopher must travel the length of a world to find Andrea while there's still time.

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