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What Happens in Vegas (A Three Story Collection)

144 pages2 hours


This collection features three previously published short stories in one complete set!


April Jensen doesn't believe in romance—and she certainly doesn't believe in marriage. However, when she finds out her best friend is getting hitched in Las Vegas, she gives in and hops aboard a plane for a long flight to Sin City for the weekend.

Cole Bradford is a charming ladies' man with the body of a Greek god. When April meets him in first class on the plane, both sparks and insults fly between them. Neither believes in love, giving them a rare piece of common ground to discuss. What they don't realize is that they have far more in common than they first thought—including the reason they are both in Vegas for the weekend.

After all… What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas—right?


April Jensen has just woken up in a hotel room and discovered she's married to a stranger. But, he isn't just any stranger—he's the best man at her best friend's wedding. And he's also the same guy she messed around with on her flight to Las Vegas the day before. What's a girl supposed to do?

Hop back into bed with him, that's what. As the weekend continues, April finds herself still falling for hunky Cole Bradford's charms. Will their quick romance be love everlasting—or will they decide to go their separate ways?


A quick weekend in Las Vegas for her best friend's wedding has turned into something much more. After a mile high romp with a stranger on the flight into town and waking up married to him, April Jensen knows she has a big decision to make.

When hunky Cole Bradford, her impromptu groom, suggests they should get an annulment, April agrees. But is there more to their relationship than just a wild weekend encounter? Is there something about Cole that April is missing—something that might keep her in his arms forever?

Approximate Length: 35,000 Words

CONTENT WARNING: Includes explicit sex scenes. Intended for those 18+ only!

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