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JFK: The Dead Witnesses

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In the years following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy more than one hundred witnesses, investigators and other people linked to the ambush in Dealey Plaza have died. The majority have met their fate under extremely suspicious circumstances. Murders, mysterious accidents and "suicides" account for more than half of those who have died since that fateful day in 1963. In "JFK: The Dead Witnesses" authors Craig Roberts and John Armstrong present the results of their investigation into the deaths of each known victim. Some descriptions are detailed, and due to lack of information some deaths can only provide the link between the victim and the assassination and the cause of death of the deceased. The cases are listed in chronological order, exposing what each victim saw or knew, how they died, how hey were connected to the murder of JFK, and how some were associated with each other. Follow the bodies through thirty years of intrigue, cover-ups and scandals as Roberts and Armstrong open the curtains that have for too long hidden the facts behind...The Dead Witnesses--and especially those who mysteriously died, were murdered, or had a tragic accident just before they were to testify before one of the three government investigations into the death of JFK.

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