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How Did I Quit Smoking After 30 Years?

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Quitting smoking had not been easy for me in 30 years. Like most smokers, I always treated quitting as an almost impossible dream, but in spite of this, I always had the urge to quit. What I realized was that I never really sat down and contemplated the possible reasons why I couldn't easily quit and what had been causing my dependence to nicotine. Admittedly, I regret it today, I knew I would always fail quitting, but every time I felt the urge to quit smoking and get myself out of addiction, I always found myself back in the same rut.

Each chapter of the book is designed to condition/prepare the readers mind for the quitting process which is found in the last chapters. The beauty of this book is that it is entirely different from the other quit smoking books in the market. The process is very practical that any human being can understand and perform on their own. In the end upon realizing your successful result, you will be amazed while you can't help but scratch your head and say: I never thought it could be this easy; where have all these ideas been hiding all these years?

Be different. If you want to achieve the result you truly want, do it differently this time. As Albert Einstein defines INSANITY- Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Here’s what you’ll get:

-Chapter 1- The Death Of My Father
-Chapter 2- Smoking At A Young Age
-Chapter 3- A Serious Decision
-Chapter 4- What Really Made Me Quit?
-Chapter 5- My Smoking Frenzy
-Chapter 6- The Cold Turkey Way
-Chapter 7- Decide Now And Live Longer
-Chapter 8- The Quitting Method
-Chapter 9- Watch Your Own Gate


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