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Conquer the Mist

392 pages9 hours


"If you're looking for some hot sex . . . this could be the book for you." --All About Romance

"Like eating a piece of dark chocolate when you're dieting . . . a guilty pleasure." --All About Romance

To warrior-princess Dara, her father's decision to bring a Norman knight into their Irish homeland is dangerous at best. Dara distrusts all things Norman. But the king of Leinster sees Strongheart, a landless knight with superior skills at warfare, as the perfect advisor and trainer for his men.

Strongheart makes no secret of his desire to marry the princess and become Lord of Leinster. When enemies attack, he and Dara unite as they make plans to retake her homeland. During their exile in Wales, his skilled seduction and courtship proves irresistible to both her body and heart. Yet her proud and passionate nature challenges their future together.

When the battles come, the fate of both the kingdom and their love will be decided once and for all.

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