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The Last 13 Days

We are human!
For the time being, we are at 6 billion!
Why are you always confronting the wrong people and why are you always the most unlucky one?

It has been said, that all over the world, 30% of the human beings are in depression. Insanity incidents are increasing more and more. Why? If you do not use the power inside you, your fears will use you. Don’t sacrifice the “free human being” side of your soul to pessimism. Who can cheat you more than yourself?
We have geniuses; angels, creators, perverts, rich men and people who are starving…

The people, who demolish a whole city in one night, attack towers with an airplane, and the ones who are chopping children to death are also one of us…
The one, who wake up one morning and shoot down the whole family, the one, who amuse themselves by nailing the head of their wardmates, the one who live locking their loved ones in a cellar and torture them, are one of us, too.

We are living with these people, dining in the same restaurant, flushing the same toilet and working together in the same office.  One of those people is may be  you boss paying your salary! Or maybe your next-door neighbour or your lover? It is possible that you get to know them as being “a little odd” or “nervous”…

Let us imagine that you love one of them very much. How much would you sacrifice from your life for your lover?
The insane are living among us. They lived in every century. Who drove them mad?
By the end of this novel, you will remember somebody around you and feel goose bumps at the back of your neck… Good Luck!

*                *              *
Despite everything, how can two “lonely” love thirsty people, stay together? Even if an emotionally disturbance is a point of issue...
       This novel was written to remind you the on who made you forget “to hope”. 
Please read it, the very familiar depressive love of Ercan and İnci will answer you.
While your belief in reality is decreasing and being in a status of feeling fear, shame, insufficient and insecure future is enhancing, you may be also become a paranoiac without you even knowing it?
       Who made you become like this?

Live like asleep, death may awaken you. Act early and wakeup before dying…

P.S.: It is recommended not to read this novel at night.

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