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Jas: Chronicles of intrigue, folly, and laughter in the global workplace

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Travel, humor, romance, diverse cultures, and a fascinating career – Jas is a memoir unlike any other. Jas Singh is a globetrotting health and safety expert whose implausible journey from a dusty village in Northern India to the pinnacle of the consulting profession is a story of inspiration, sadness, intrigue, joy, romance, and a fair bit of wonder. These stories are remarkable reflections on his life and experiences.  Stories include:  Jeeto - The Uncut Diamond – A rustic, uneducated, and beautiful village girl who dreams of marrying a college graduate and going to America. Silk Pajamas – Shanghai hotel lounge hostesses will go out of their way to make travel weary foreigners feel welcome. Alana Does Not Live Here Anymore – Delivering gifts to a Jewish family in the darkness of a Moscow apartment complex is risky business.  Terre Haute, Indiana – Herb Mossner is a quick-witted super-nerd with irreverence for just about everything.

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