Black Ice

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Black Ice

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Length: 57 pages46 minutes


Black Ice, the almost invisible road hazard at night in a lonely place takes it’s toll. Tom, now lying on the snow next to his totaled Ford is sure he’s going to die. It’s cold and dark he can’t get his leg out of the car.The man, the one who stopped, is armed, a stranger, an unknown. What’s happening?
College—the place to learn, grow and prepare for life. For this co-ed, the University life includes the loss of both parents, a missing inheritance and a boyfriend who she recently lost contact with. What’s next?
Gayle, talking with her best friend says, “I need a miracle. My boyfriend vanished, my parents were killed and my money is about gone. By January, my chance for a degree will be gone as well. Do you have an idea?”
“Gayle, you’re smart. You have top grades. Go talk to a counselor and see if the school can help. Don’t give up.”
It is then that the Bolands find her. Corey and Sindala Boland, Private Investigators, give her a message and offer to help. She accepts.
That’s when the real problems begin.
“We have a new case here Bo. Let’s get with it,” Sindy says as she squeezes Gayle’s arm.

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