Island of Secrets 3

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Island of Secrets 3

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (2 ratings)
Length: 114 pages1 hour


The year is 1940 and WWII has been raging for one year, four children move from London with their parents to live in the Buckinghamshire countryside with their Grand Parents not far from Bletchley where their parents work.

Ed, the eldest of the children steps through the door and sees a young girl running toward him, he thought this a little weird as nobody else was taking any notice of him, the girl is calling for him to help her but Ed thinks he has been too long in the future and calls to the girl he will return tomorrow, which he does and rescues the girl named Zara who is from the future in the year 2080. She stays with them and becomes part of their family.

Together the five of them manage to find out how the machine work and they set the dates to try and get Zara back to her parents, they told her to hide as they were afraid a war was about to start.

They do manage to get Zara back to the year 2080 but all she finds is destruction and devastation but she does manage to contact her sister Fei and find out her Mother and Father are alive and hiding from the people who started the war.

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