Demons Dwell:The Tower

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Demons Dwell:The Tower

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Length: 235 pages3 hours


A hidden evil torments a young couple in a small Italian village along the Amaflitana Coast and threatens to destroy their once peaceful lives. As dark forces close in around them, help arrives in the form of two paranormal investigators: Charlotte "Charley" Elliott-Bell, and her assistant Viola Padgett. Using Charley’s psychic abilities and research experience, the pair quickly find themselves embroiled in a one hundred-year old mystery involving Satanic cults and terrifying entities. As Charley and Viola are forced to confront the evil forces around them, they are drawn further into the dark and mysterious world hidden beneath the delusive tranquility of an ancient Italian village.

The first book in the Demons Dwell series, "The Tower" is a frightening tale set in an idyllic part of the world where evil lies hidden from the bright Mediterranean sunshine, and old world superstitions are a reality.

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