First-Time Cheater: My Husband's Boss

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First-Time Cheater: My Husband's Boss

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Length: 29 pages25 minutes


Kelly is an average woman, with an average name, and she has a good husband. But lately something has been missing from their marriage: desire. Kelly finds herself entertaining the fantasy that her husband is cheating on her, but she isn't sure why. When she stops by his work with the pretext of having lunch, hoping to discover that he is up to something, she discovers the reason for her fantasy: she wants an excuse to cheat on him. His serious, devastating boss Anthony makes it obvious that he desires her, and lets her know he will be coming to dinner. But Anthony really has a lot more in mind than just dinner. When he finally invites himself over, and has to stay the night, he lets her know that he always gets what he wants...and what he wants is Kelly. You won't believe where they do it!

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