Everyday Miracles - Powerful Steps to Wonderful Experiences

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Everyday Miracles - Powerful Steps to Wonderful Experiences

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A life filled with miracles is one of incredible happiness and wonderful experiences. Once you accept that this is your natural right as a spiritual being, you'll find that the Universe works right alongside you in the miracle-making process.

From The Author

"I want you to know that miracles happen every single moment of every single day. Big miracles, small miracles, and everything in between. Honestly, they aren't as rare as you probably think they are. And you know what? You can experience miracles in your own daily life!

As a spiritual being in a human body nothing "out of the ordinary" is beyond your reach. We've only become accustomed to thinking that miracles are totally out of the realm of common experience. Why deprive yourself of something that should be completely natural?"

What Readers Are Saying:

"Real guidance and techniques that work. I've experienced several miracles already!" - Elizabeth C

"Kelly feels like a dear friend walking with you along the path and showing you how to create your very own miracles. :)" - Claire D

"Truly transformational! My life has changed so much after reading Kelly's book!!" - Annie B

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