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The Penance Stone

350 pages4 hours


Six months in a secluded, Japanese village. To Harper Gray, it’s the perfect getaway and a place to write her next book. The best part is she’ll be all alone, safe in a mountainside retreat and isolated from the rest of the world. Because evil comes in many forms, and she’s already lost too much.

Reid Ellis knows the village of Chuujitsu, its culture, and its customs. When he agrees to aid the reclusive author, he can’t understand why she hides herself away. Her past still casts a long shadow, but he’s determined to make her feel safe.

When a terrified young girl, priests who stalk the night, and ancient Shinto laws become part of the story, Harper and Reid can’t tell truth from legend. The two become entangled in each other, but Harper still finds danger at every turn. Is there something more to the odd symbol she keeps seeing? Or is love the only thing she needs to fear?

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