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Songs to Live By

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Martin Luther described the Book of Psalms as “a Bible in miniature;” and it is indeed true that for nearly 20 centuries Christians of all churches have found the Psalter to be “a Bible within the Bible.” No other Old Testament book speaks so warmly to the heart and soul of Christians. It is not unusual to find the New Testament printed with the Book of Psalms; but how often have you seen “The New Testament and Isaiah”, or “The New Testament and Genesis”?
The Psalms are passionate outpourings of the human soul. They mirror the full range of human emotions - from deepest despair to heights of ecstasy. They reflect virtually every life-situation, every spiritual problem, every yearning that the people of God experience as they journey from earth to heaven.
The Psalms also dispel pious pretense in prayer. They teach us to approach God honestly, stripped of every hypocritical facade. The Psalter abounds with complaints against, as well as praise for, God and his providence. The psalmists said what they felt, and spoke what they meant. They did not pretend to be something they were not. But that same naked honesty also compelled them to see God clearly, and thus finally return to an affirmation of faith (cp. Ps 44:8-12,17-19,23-26.)
Hardly anything could more enrich your life than to become familiar with these glorious and profoundly moving songs.

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