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Insatiable: A Werewolf's Wedding: Insatiable, #3

Insatiable: A Werewolf's Wedding: Insatiable, #3

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Insatiable: A Werewolf's Wedding: Insatiable, #3

148 pages
1 hour
Nov 30, 2014


Adrienne finally accepts the werewolves' lifestyle with Wilder and his brothers. Her requests are to be married and have a wedding. The problem is she can marry only one. Her choice will surprise the brothers and even her.

Wilder's sudden introduction of a werefemale meant for his brothers, drives Adrienne to anger and jealousy, where she sends the werefemale home.

That one act on her part will push Wilder's pack on the verge of war.


Nov 30, 2014

About the author

Rachel E. Rice enjoys writing in different genres. As an Indie author she explores genres to find her voice. She has written contemporary romance, erotic romance, new adult, historical and science fiction. When she's not writing she is reading poetry. She has a BA and is a member of Romance Writers of America. 

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Book Preview

Insatiable - Rachel E Rice


Chapter 1

The sun rose and set , a month passed, and the snow still fell hard and soft in the unbelievable cold, preventing Adrienne, her babies, and Lycell from returning to the Samsa ranch. The twin pups were strong enough now, and well fed with the help of Lycell. Adrienne didn’t recognize him. The once demanding, indifferent, and excessively sexual Lycell had materialized into a loving and caring uncle, if not a potential mate. He had fought a fierce werewolf who had threatened to make her his sexual slave. He had come to Adrienne’s rescue when she needed him the most.

Where was Wilder? Where was the lone werewolf? The father to her pups, who had convinced her that she could do this, that she could love his brothers and birth all their pups. Had he abandoned her when he realized that he didn’t want to share her with anyone?

Adrienne had finally convinced herself it was like being a surrogate, but more intimate. Now she’d realized that she was committed to this life with these handsome werewolves.

Lycell faced Adrienne, offering her his assurance. I think they’re strong enough to travel to the ranch. Spring is approaching, and it’s time we should go, Lycell said, placing the pups in the bed, and covering them with soft fur pelts. He strolled over and lay beside Adrienne to keep her warm, holding her in his arms, while gazing at her. His love deepened and intensified with each movement of her body.  

Why can’t we just stay here a little longer? Adrienne offered, looking into his deep brown eyes. I’m not ready to go, she whispered, never imagining she would want to remain in that cave, and with Lycell. Adrienne glanced up at him, his arms stretched wide, her head propped on his warm, strong, muscular chest. Lycell’s arms brought her closer, the fire of lust ignited in them both, her mind conflicted. How did I come to feel this way? she questioned, not wanting an answer.

Lycell’s movement in the bed excited her skin, causing chills to rise. His chiseled face, hard, handsome, and beautiful. His body cut with muscles in his arms and chest, the likes of Wilder, yet her body received a different signal from Lycell, a raw, rough sensual presence, which could break erotic barriers, and cross all sexual boundaries she’d erected.

Time passed, and both she and Lycell had changed. Once a callous young girl, thinking of makeup, her next boyfriend, and now look at her, a woman with children or pups. It didn’t matter what they were, she loved them, and she loved the father and uncle to the pups. Lycell turned, facing Adrienne, drawing her even closer into his strong, muscular, heated arms. Eyeing her every movement and her body, thinking about what would be, Adrienne’s fingers trailed along his chest.

Their mouths came together like magnets. One positive, one negative.

We can’t, Lycell said with a moan. We have to get back. Drayton must be catching hell from Wilder. I left the ranch without explanation, because I was crazed, out of my mind, because that werewolf had abducted you. I was afraid he would do things to you before I caught up with him. I didn’t have time to tell Drayton where I was going, Lycell admitted, passing his hand over Adrienne’s flowing hair, pushing it to the side, then holding her face in his hands, tentatively gazing into her wide eyes.

He must have known that you were looking for me, Adrienne said stretching, looking over at the pups, hoping they would remain asleep, until she and Lycell had talked. All they did that day was smile and kiss. This was something new to Lycell. He didn’t know how to act. He wasn’t himself. Hell, he didn’t know who he was anymore.

A human, a werewolf?

Pressing his body to Adrienne, Lycell let out a sigh, then gazing at her, he said, I want you. Is it safe to be with you? I don’t know about such things. I don’t want to impregnate you before you have a chance to know me. I want to take you places and show you my world.

Who is this person? Adrienne found herself wondering and thinking. She was afraid when they left the confines of the cave, her whole world would change, and she would lose him as she had felt the loss of Wilder. She was eager to see her beloved lone wolf again, but she was also enthralled with Lycell. Who would have guessed that this could happen? Certainly not Lycell.

We should get started now before the twins wake, Lycell said, attempting to stand, before Adrienne reached for his arms, and drew him to her, where he felt the warmth and softness of her waiting body. His manhood throbbed from the need and desire to claim her. She felt him eager and erratic as a summer storm, thundering and overpowering everything in its path.

He eased over her and placed his hands between her legs. The smoothness of her skin excited him, the gentle touch of Lycell, aroused her, and she slowly opened her legs, exposing herself to him, exposing her need for him. He explored her opening with his gentle fingers. He felt the heat and wetness of her flesh. The feel of her insides tightened, his manhood pulsed, and throbbed. Adrienne felt his fingers explore her needy body.

She reached unapologetic, taking his manhood in her hand. He questioned with his eyes, but she guided it inside, and he penetrated her deep until she felt full. His large manhood, hard, excruciatingly painful, gave her intense pleasure. His gentle movements, belied who Lycell once was on the outside—cold and aloof, only hot for who he could possess. He could never possess Adrienne, because she belonged to Wilder first.  

It was his time with her, but it wouldn’t be his last. He knew it and she knew it, when their willing bodies crashed together.

Lycell’s moans of excitement, desire, pleasure, and love, echoed from the cave, passed the hills, the valleys, the lakes, the mountain range, and settled in Wilder’s ears.

Chapter 2

Lycell and Adrienne turned to look back at the cave, that had been a safe haven for them and her pups. A place where they had found each other, a place Adrienne remembered as her fondest memories, and happiest time with Wilder, and now with Lycell.

Before, she never dreamed that she could feel anything for Lycell but indignation and outrage, but he was the one that excited her and intrigued her the most. He didn’t give in to her and she stood up to him, it was their stubborn determination that attracted them to each other. Now she had it all. Three of the most handsome rich werewolves, and they all belonged to her. She would claim them as her own and have their pups as they wished.

When are we getting married? she asked.

You can only marry one of us, he said, straightening her pouch on her chest where she held one of Wilder’s pups. Lycell carried the other on his back.

You haven’t named the pups yet.

I want Wilder to do that, she admitted, gazing at Lycell with a worried glance, exhaling. Her forehead furrowed. What will Wilder say once he learns that we have been together?

He won’t say anything. It was his idea in the first place to have this kind of arrangement. Had I met you first, there would be no way I would share you. Lycell strolled ahead, after not meeting her eyes, then looking around, inspecting the woods for danger, and checking to see if Adrienne was okay. He noticed Adrienne’s slow pace. She appeared listless and fatigued.

We can stop at this stream if you like, and let the boys run around a bit, Lycell said to Adrienne, waiting for her to catch up with them.

When do they change? Adrienne questioned, trotting to Lycell, pointing to the twins.

They are changing as we speak. Look at them. Humans take longer to walk. They are walking already.

Lycell stopped at the edge of the river, and he demonstrated to them how to drink from the river. To give Adrienne time to rest, he demonstrated how to catch fish. He hated fish, but it had saved his life. He turned to admire Adrianne, then trod over to her, and sat on a log. She sat too.

They’re not ordinary children, he said, reaching for her hand. They began walking after two days, where the normal time for a human is nine months after birth. It’s possible for them to change in a month or two, or maybe in a few days when the moon is full. It’s not unheard of for them to remain human until their eighteenth birthday. I really don’t know. All I can remember is that I always ran on all fours, and walked on two.

Will it hurt them?

For a few months, then it will be a piece of cake, like riding a bike, or driving a car, Lycell said, raking his fingers through Adrienne’s hair. She took her eyes off the twins when one was sitting on the side of the lake twirling a stick in the water, and when she turned, the smaller of the twins pointed to the forest.

Adrienne jumped to her feet, sprinted and scooped up the blond-haired twin. He looked just like Wilder might have looked when he was a child. The other twin had hair dark and curly like Lycell. Where is he? Where is he? she said, turning in a circle. All the twin could do was make a grunting sound and point. She started running in the direction of the forest, before Lycell could stop her.

She put her pup down at the edge of the trees. Lycell lifted him and raced after Adrienne yelling, Don’t go after him. It’s too dangerous. He caught up with her, and she was standing breathing hard and screaming. Lycell, go after him! Don’t let anything happen to him! He handed her the child, and held Adrienne next to his chest. He tried to quiet her hysterical whimper by holding her tight. They both knew the dangers that lurked in the forest. He didn’t want to startle the pup with his mother’s screams, and have him run further into the dense trees.

I can’t go back to Wilder and tell him we lost our baby, Adrienne acknowledged, then she felt

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