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Beyond the Words

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Beyond the Words is the second anthology published by Scripting Change, a community writing initiative that aims to make a positive social difference. All of the work required to bring together this anthology was volunteered. This year's project highlights the importance of literacy and will support the nonprofits Read for Literacy, in Ohio; Literacy Action, in Georgia; and Page Ahead, in Washington, all of which foster literacy in their communities. 100% of proceeds* from this (and every) Scripting Change book are donated!

*Proceeds = (Cost of book) — (% taken by distributor)

Editors: Anya Kagan and Kristyn F. Brunson
Cover design by: Lynsay Flynt

Contributors: Faith Breisblatt, Kristyn F. Brunson, Kathy DeFlane, Aria Glazki, Aaron Jackson, Alison LeBlanc, Celena McDonnell, Austin D. Nichols, Margit Sage, Nada Adel Sobhi, Seker Solis, Dave M. Strom

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