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SAP Service Management: Your Successful Implementation Guide

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Now, you might be wondering why someone would write yet another book on SAP. Well, when I looked at the market, and read through the Plant Maintenance book, I realized there was a gap in the material. There was very little material that talked about Service Management. While there is a lot of overlap between SM and PM, there is a lot of additional integration that happens between sales and distribution that isn’t really covered in any of the books I’ve found.
This book is both how to manual and a reference guide. The idea is that the initial sections of the book will provide you with a quick start guide to implementing service management. Then I provide a walk through to see how the process will look for the user, and finally all the individual pieces of configuration that make up the process. It will guide you through the configuration in all of the following areas:
* Service Orders
* Service Notifications
* Repair Sales Orders
* Technical Objects
* as well as the all the integrations points within those areas.
It even includes bonus material for dealing with third party service.
This is THE comprehensive guide to SAP Service Management configuration.

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