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Spoiled Lunch and Other Creepy Tales

Length: 151 pages2 hours


In this collection of 8 short stories, a hungry child in a post-apocalyptic wasteland seeks shelter in the wrong place (The Rollerboard); a school boy in a dystopian future plagued by deadly pests learns to follow the rules the hard way (Spoiled Lunch); a ghost refuses to leave her beloved house (The Agoraphobe); a heroin addict finds himself trapped in a locker room with his own talking tapeworm (In the White Room); two men on a hunting trip have a personal encounter with the supernatural (The Hunters); a drug runner hits a creature on the road and finds himself pursued by it (The Accident); a test subject in a secret government program learns the true meaning of his migraines (The Migraine); and a girl tries to rid her family’s house of a ghost with disastrous consequences (Sold As Is).

Featuring everything from spirits and aliens to cannibals and psychics, this set is sure to disturb and delight the most hardcore fans of horror and dark science fiction.

The only question is--can you read it without spoiling your lunch?

Stories range from 2000 to 8000 words in length. The full collection is 35,000 words (approximately 130 manuscript pages).

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