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A Lady's Dilemma

Length: 119 pages1 hour


The Lady Sarah Bennet is a beautiful wealthy young woman who is much admired by many of the male gentlemen. Unfortunately most of them do not seek her as a potential bride, but more as a potential recipient of their amorous intentions. The Lady Sarah is used to men like that and well able to defend against them.
When she goes to visit her long time friend Celia however, she comes under the lustful gaze of Celia's father, the lord Astall. Lady Sarah feels more than able to cope with his attentions, but when Celia's uncle the tall dark and handsome, but terribly intimidating Duke Simon Astall arrives, the Lady Sarah immediately feels drawn to him.
When the Duke also sets his sights on the delightful Lady Sarah, she is not sure at all that she can fend off his attentions.  
What should she do, how can she protect herself against the type of man he almost certainly is, especially when her very own nature is urging her not to resist him?
Please note that there are some scenes of a sexual nature in this novel, and so it is recommended as for readers aged 18 years and over.

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