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Tales of Yhore: The Chronicles of Monch

Length: 216 pages2 hours


In the beginning, the Developers made Yhore. It was a world somewhat like many others, but slightly different in a really unique way in the hopes that it would appeal to a slightly different demographic and might be able to capture some of the market share of those other worlds that have much higher populations, but really aren't as good as... ok, nevermind that for now.

Yhore was a world of courageous men and women, struggling for survival in the face of an uncertain future. They would forge alliances, topple giants and stand against the greatest evil that had ever been coded since the game was conceived. Together these players would explore all the places, both known and unknown, until there was no place left unmarked by their passing... at least until the next respawn.

Over time it would face many revisions, but in the beginning there was only Yhore, and it was a world of fantastic adventure... minus a glitch or two here and there."

Kingdoms of Yhore is a popular new massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) based on the works of pulp fantasy author R. James Whitecastle. Shortly after launch, a new character is created, one that defies merely playing in the game world. His goal was beyond simple digital existence. Instead he dared to conquer it for his own purpose. Monch, the Unholy Templar of Ahriman, knew his destiny was to bring back the fabled city of Akaeron, the dark kingdom that had been relegated to mere backstory for the game. To that end, he would become a champion like no other in the Kingdoms of Yhore (the game and the world).

These are the tales of his creation and rise to power, his trials and tribulations and the beginning of his foothold as a major influence in this world that rejects having major influences from the player-base. Can Monch succeed, even though hundreds of other players, millions of lines of computer code and dozens of game developers literally stand in his way?

The story unfolds inside.

Spoilers: Monch also frequently talks to a dead cat.

-written by d.f. Monk, edited by Lions of the Empire-

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