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Nine Digits

Length: 286 pages6 hours


Nine Digits tells the story of Nee-Nee Marcus, a headstrong 15 year old girl from Philadelphia, who despises her family: her clueless parents, her nasty brothers, her evil sister. She would do anything to be free of them. When she hears about a new reality television program that will award a prize of $100 million, she decides she'll do whatever it takes to win. Money may not be everything, but with $100 million she is pretty sure that she will never have to deal with her family again...

"Nine Digits is the best book since The Phantom Tollbooth."
-Tim Grose

"Daniel Pinkwater, move over. Here comes Jay Duret. If you have ever been or ever will be a teenager wanting to dump your family, read this wildly funny, page-turner of a book."
-Mally Cox-Chapman, author Baggywrinkle

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