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Mental Detox: The Power and Guidance to Implement Peace, Joy, Balance and Financial Abund

Length: 97 pages3 hours


In order to create an accessible and enjoyable roadmap for the reader, this book is organized around the central image of a garden. A garden is a place where creativity, responsibility, dedication and hard work converge to produce an environment of beauty and tranquility. The garden is a metaphor for your life, and each chapter explores a different aspect of the work you must do to transform it into your own sacred, sustainable sanctuary. Negative thoughts, self-defeating patterns, damaged relationships and limiting emotions are the weeds that must be rooted out if you are to plant positive seeds for the future. As you navigate each topic and begin to delve deeper into your consciousness, remember to always be gentle. Handle yourself each day as you would a precious orchid, for you are a child of God and a great treasure!

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