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Passion to Move Mountains - The Oxcart Technique

Length: 194 pages2 hours



Have you ever set a goal you didn't reach?
- Lose weight
- Reach lofty business goals
- Exercise
- Have happy relationships
- Eat better
- Conquer an Addiction
- Save for Retirement

Sure! We all have! We start off with the best intent. We're really going to do it this time! But, for some reason, life just seems to get in the way. Before we know it, nothing changes, and our goal eluded us, once again. NOT ANY MORE! Self-made Millionaire Terry Fossum shares his ground-breaking secret to achieve ANY goal. This is a complete game-changer! Whatever your goal may be, you'll have a step-by-step plan of daily actions and, more importantly, the motivation to help make sure you stay on course and reach your goals, once and for all. It's time. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Input from:
- Ron Cavill, Certified Financial Planner as seen on CBS Evening News, CNN Early Prime and more
- Katherine O’Connell, Registered Nurse, Detoxification
- Gina Masoero, International Weight Loss Coach
- and more!

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