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Thoroughly Modern Charlotte: Romance, Third Millennium Style

Length: 378 pages5 hours


This is the first novel in the series Romance, Third Millennium Style

“I am not romantic, you know; I never was.” This statement made by Charlotte Lucas in ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ expressed her opinion in one of the great disagreements between female friends in literature. Fast forward two hundred years—what choices do third millennium women who are ‘not romantic’ make with regard to marriage?

Meet Charlotte Jane Otis, a 21st century renaissance woman. This modern miss is a native New Yorker, aspiring author, writer of fanfiction, gem stone aficionado, novice rock climber, lover of dancing, Occupy Wall Street arrestee, mince pie baker and Jane Austen scholar. Her current lover accused her of betraying her best friend, giving nothing to their relationship, attempting to manipulate him into marriage and possibly trading sexual favors for contracts. She has been running her family’s business and acquiring advanced degrees since barely out of teens. Tired of obligation and duty, she wants a new life. Ms Otis regrets so very much, but not her tattoo and piercing.

WARNING: This is a sexually explicit novel and is in favor of reproductive rights for women.

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