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Frog Drinks Juice: The First Memoir of The Professional Time Traveler

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A new perspective on the theories of time travel. An unnamed hero is thrown into the mix of a war between those loyal to the past and those who seek the guidance of their future. Unaware of the roles they play in the creation of each present moment, he undertakes a path of neutrality in search of the truth. This goes beyond 'Meta-fiction' that typically involves the reader and throws the reader into the mind set that they are the protagonist. Horols, Royals, Effegaiy, Sangreffegaiys, record dates, and mythical creatures all play a role in this developing story of the first book to the series. The professional recounts his travels from era to era with no sense of chronology, intentionally. The professional (protagonist or reader) is doing the best they can to explain their universe with out giving too much detail to themselves and the 'readers' in the first book of the series. Things may seem out of order but as the story progresses, it all starts to make sense. This story incorporates real life events and people in history, with a fictional twist to each different time and era.

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