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Remedial Programming

Length: 134 pages2 hours


Remedial Programming has been Dr. Lana Swanson's department for years. She oversees the important work of re-focusing a generation of intelligent women on trivial, unimportant matters like looking great and having lots of sex. It's a fun job if you enjoy seeing potential rivals turned into sex-obsessed bimbos, and Lana does it well.

But when a rival from a new department sets her eyes on Lana's stock of human resources (a term used all too literally in the dark world of the not-too-distant future), the clock starts ticking on a race to see who's the smarter woman -- and who still will be, once all the programming's done.

From cover to cover, "Remedial Programming" is a wild ride through the hot, steamy underbelly of a sex-obsessed society. Don't miss the latest and darkest in sexual dystopia sci-fi from erotic author A. Vivian Vane!

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