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Eric Book Series: Eric's Story

Length: 358 pages6 hours


Eric gave up another roar finding himself having another hissy fit to his annoyance. It was after telling his story, involving him living on Earth, and then living on Terrania, becoming Sun Lord. He found his hissy fit quit, followed by Breaker next to him looking concerned by the male's face. He ignored Breaker's concerned look, to focus onto the female, Human, a masked High Council's servant typing away onto the laptop, while he was, in his office, in the Zesky Asylum, aka Soulers' warship, sitting in the ocean, of planet Aire, as the planet was dubbed.
He gave up a loud Hmph and got from Breaker "Anything else you remember being Sun Lord?"
Eric spoke the story, ignoring his interruptions of giving out hissy fits, as the Meritanians, called them, he roaring during his storytelling, with some of the roars omitted on his request.

Eric's Story as told to the Recorder.

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