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Stark Nakid

Length: 271 pages4 hours


In a world where a detective is measured not by his height and width but by his depth; where danger lurks around every corner like a desperate insurance salesman; where love, like the wind, blows; comes a tale of startling intrigue and comic mystery. When a ship sinks in a storm on Kootenay Lake in 1898, a fortune in gold is lost. The sleepy mountain hamlet of Nelson, British Columbia, bolts upright when letters surface a century later revealing the location of the lost gold. Murder and mayhem ensue. Only disillusioned detective Stark Nakid can unravel the mystery of the sunken ship and the lost gold before underworld kingpins eliminate the remaining heirs to the fortune. Stark enlists the help of his ex-partner Zuzu, a long lost brother, and a band of eccentric mentors from a local detective school to solve the murders. Stark must find the gold, re-kindle the flame of lost love and defeat his arch enemy before his entrails are handed to him on a plate. It’s no laughing matter. Or is it? STARK NAKID is a soft-boiled comic mystery novel – noir shaken, not stirred.

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