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The Mystery Directive: A Jack Ryan Mystery Thriller

Length: 19 pages16 minutes


From the #1 short story thriller writer of The Mystery Caller and Subway comes a suspense thriller that you will read in one sitting. A world on the brink of collapse.... Agent Grant Clark embarks on a mission into the most dangerous place in the world.... To make a discovery that will change the world as we know it. Jack Ryan brings you one more pulsating, quick, violent and thrilling roller-coaster of suspense. This is a short work of fiction and intended for an audience that need a jolt of adrenaline. The story contains violence and is intended for a mature audience.
Praise for Jack Ryan “Quick pulsating reads. I want more!” “Love it, can’t wait for his next one!”
“Jack Ryan is one of those writers that just do not beat around the bush. To the point, fast, and always with a twist you did not see coming! It is perfect for me that does not like long boring books with endless pages of nothing!”
“Jack Ryan has become the new age writer. The one that does not conform to the rules and gives me the type of entertainment my busy schedule has time for. More please.”
“Simply brilliant! Love it that super cool short stories are back on the map.”

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