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Ms. Liberty Gets a Haircut

Length: 30 pages21 minutes


What's a female superhero to do in the face of the everpresent patriarchy? In this short story, which originally appeared in online magazine Strange Horizons, Ms. Liberty, the mysterious X, Dr. Zenith Arcane, Zanycat, Rocketwoman, the Sphinx, and Kilroy team up to fight not just villains, but the forces of popular culture itself.

With deft humor, wry cynicism, and lyrical language, Rambo creates a strange, postmodernist world of neurotic superheroes with her usual masterful craftsmanship. "If you’ve read Cat Rambo before, you’ll know what to expect: her prose is smooth as a dream but often hides an incredibly sharp, emotive edge. At times, she gives more depth to a character in a handful of pages than many novelists manage in hundreds." - Stephen Raets,

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