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The Heart of the Castle

Length: 297 pages4 hours


“Tell me about the Monster at the Heart of the Castle.”

Nursery Administrator Kai could recite Lady Alie's favorite tale in her sleep.

The administrator records say a young prince was named unfit to take the throne and imprisoned in the maze beneath the palace. Surrounded by the poisoned water of the Demons Bay so that he could not be rescued, the truth of his story is nearly forgotten.

Those who think he existed at all believe he died there, in the cold dark. Legends say his clockwork Eye died with him, but in the palace a voice speaks from the shadows, and some see the dark pupil of an Eye where there can be no Eye.

For five hundred years the unseen prince has manipulated the politics of the Kingdom. Now, with Lady Alie's help, he will claim his throne.

But first, he'll take Kai.

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