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My Life As A Diet: Understanding and Healing for Never-ending Dieters!

Length: 109 pages1 hour


“My Life As A Diet: Understanding and Healing for Never-ending Dieters,” is a gift of hope for all never-ending (yo-yo) dieters. Maurice Horwitz shares his heartfelt understanding of the harsh realities of being fat and living with a diet mentality throughout his entire life. Through his candid words, the readers will quickly realize that they are not alone, that someone truly understands and cares, and helps you recognize that there is hope in the lonely world of being fat and yo-yo diets. In sharing his powerful, transformative healing plan, you are given simple steps that will have you waking up with a smile, walking around with a new zest for living, believing that you can accomplish anything that you desire, and most importantly realize and accept that you are perfect, no matter what you weigh! Maurice inspires you to heal, and to unlock and live your dreams and aspirations. Hope is here...YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

This book is the missing link in the lives of those who are overweight or obese and constantly struggling to lose weight, tackling both the physical and mental aspects of the affliction. Most weight loss books are written by Doctors – but this message of hope comes from the author's years of personal adversity and torment. As Mr. Horwitz states, "I’m no Doctor – just a guy whose weight was wrecking havec with my body and soul. My new plan, contained in the book, will help anyone out of this rut and into a new life that they never expected to find.”

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