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Length: 600 pages9 hours


An invitation to a funeral is the perfect beginning to Anthony Long’s worst day.
As a journalist whose focus is the Australian super individuals known as Hypers, Anthony finds himself immersed into their world in a true baptism of fire. Ritual magick, murder and mayhem combine with passion, obsession and lust to create an adventure that, should he survive, he will never forget.
During this time he will come to understand that no matter whether a person is hyper, military or civilian, if you share their joy you become their friend.
But if you share their grief you become family.
Glitch invites you to see the people behind the masks, super powers and flashy costumes; to see their oh-so-human strengths and weaknesses and the ties that bind them together. You, and Anthony, will discover that anyone can be a hero and that the greatest super power of all is Love.

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