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Seven Days with Hezekiah

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Remember King Hezekiah? He was one of the last good kings from Judah. He reigned in Jerusalem during the time when Assyria was rapidly becoming a world empire. When Assyria attacked Judah and surrounded Jerusalem, King Hezekiah lay helpless, gravely ill, dying. Isaiah, the prophet, came and told the king he would not recover. He would die. What happened next? Hezekiah's story is told three times in the Bible: in II Kings, II Chronicles, and in the book of Isaiah.
Besides revealing the history of the times, Hezekiah's story poses several questions: "How can a child be faithful to God and also show respect for parents in a home where parents do not acknowledge God? How can a person forget bad childhood memories? Is God more concerned about your form of worship or the condition of your heart? Does trusting God mean that you don't do anything except wait?
Although Hezekiah's main goal was to serve God and undo all the evil his father, Ahaz, had done, he also longed to reunite the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah spiritually. Would the celebration of the Passover be his golden opportunity?
God tested Hezekiah's faith three times. How did King Hezekiah face these tests? What can we learn from his good, but not perfect, life?

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