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The Estuary Tales

Length: 574 pages8 hours


The Estuary Tales is a Future History, an extrapolation into the next five hundred years of human history, with each century represented by a point of view character. The snapshots taken of their lives and their hopes and dreams unfold against the backdrop of climate change, economic collapse, dread disease, meteor impacts and the mass extinctions that dog us. These are their stories. These snapshots describe the central characters normal lives, their relationships, their life choices and their struggle, as each character battles survival in an increasingly hostile world. These are their stories, long and short, trivial and monumental. These are the tales our children might tell.
The Estuary Tales and the snapshots of the point of view characters are further ordered by Tides, by Seasons and by Waves, as to allow the chaos of time to make sense in the human narration. The Estuary Tales describe a message of Hope in a post-Apocalyptic scenario, where humanity struggles between their base and their higher selves against the backdrop of an uncaring Universe.

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