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Four guys have been friends since childhood. As ten-year olds, they had taken an oath of secrecy vowing that no matter what they would never squeal on one another. Though very different personalities, they were tight with one another.

At 30-something, they find themselves living in Manhattan at the same time and plan a reunion of their secret club. Once they have caught up on their lives, they decide to maintain contact with one another to play racquetball. On one occasion at the court they befriend RAUL CABRERA, a handsome and very prosperous Argentinian who is in the import-export business of antiquities and ancient relics.

Raul invites his new buddies and their wives to a party at his luxurious, 5th Avenue penthouse apartment where they meet Raul’s exotic, sensuous, and beguiling Brazilian wife, SASHA. All four buddies are immediately smitten with Sasha and become hypnotized by her beauty and vixen-like appeal.

Sasha begins to play them all independently right from the beginning. First she seduces Roy, followed in succession by Billy, Sam, and Joey. They all fall under her spell as she works them for her own ends. She convinces each of them that she is in love with them, that Raul is a dangerous drug dealer who commands an army of murderous thugs, and that her life is in danger. She wants to leave him but is afraid. Each of the buddies believes that he is special and will do whatever he can to protect her with the expectation that she will go off with him once she divorces Raul.

Unbeknownst to the four buddies, it is Sasha who has the connections to the drug cartel. She has been protected by the cartel since a young girl after she was raped by her father and molested by others. She hates men, but realizes that as a woman, she has to use men as her cover in the world of drugs, but she pulls the strings. Her closest associates are ELENA, her elderly and protective maid and ENRIQUE, Raul’s young man-servant.

Sasha plays the buddies to the point where each of them would be willing to kill Raul for her. Raul hosts a major party at their opulent apartment and ends up falling from the balcony to his death. There is a police investigation during which it is determined that he was murdered and the buddies become suspects.

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