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Piercings and Sandpaper Kisses

Length: 228 pages3 hours


Zeke is an enforcer for his pack but since being back from visiting his little brother Remy, he's been noticing strange things. Never in his life did he imagine his alpha and inner circle would betray him, though.

Zeke loses everything—his house, his business, his savings, but escapes with his sisters, nieces and nephew thanks to Remy coming to the rescue with a little vampire help. Zeke knows firsthand that vampires can't be trusted. Even meeting Remy's mate hadn't dissuaded him of that certainty. But the second he meets Ashlock everything changes.
Ashlock is hot enough to make Zeke dream of claiming the vampire as his own. Fate isn’t supposed to be wrong and his wolf is certain that the vampire is his mate. However, Zeke's fears run deep and for good reason. How can he claim Ashlock when the thought of letting the vampire bite him leaves him cold with dread?

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