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No Control

Length: 62 pages52 minutes


Free from the curse of her true power and the Undead Resdyn created, Lillyanna tries to create a normal life with Jack, living in the protection of his love and oblivious to the dangers around her when their desires for each other grow and spiral out of control. Yet Lillyanna has a secret she’s too scared to tell, one that causes an unknown power to grow inside her.

Complications arise, causing conflict to form between Conner, Jack and herself when her secret comes out in the open, and she knows she has to make things right before someone is killed.

When enemies attack and Jack and Conner are in danger, she must do everything in her power to save them and protect herself, yet when the unknown power grows inside, Lillyanna loses control. With no control, her actions lead to deadly consequences.

Only one person can save her. Will she arrive in time? Or will Lillyanna live with the blood of her loves ones on her hands for the rest of her life?

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