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Emotional Vampires: How to Deal with Emotional Vampires & Break the Cycle of Manipulation. A Self Guide to Take Control of Your Life & Emotional Freedom

Length: 45 pages48 minutes


Do you know someone who makes you feel weak, but in a bad way? Are you avoiding some people because they’ll ruin your day if you come across them? Is your life falling apart ever since you have begun a relationship with someone ‘unique’? Chances are that you have crossed paths with real life vampirism. We know that vampires, a.k.a. undead blood-suckers, are the stuff of fiction, but there are genuine depleters of vitality that you should beware of. These dangerous creatures are none other than the emotional vampires.

Emotional vampires are people who suck your personal energy. They do that by brainwashing you into becoming dependent on them, weakening you so that you become defenseless against their assaults, and pulling the wool over your eyes so that you won’t realize that you’re being victimized. Why do they do this?

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