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Men Among Sirens

Length: 270 pages3 hours


Be careful how hard you shake the family tree. Just days before her wedding, Ruby Bohan stumbles upon a secret that promises to leave no one in her loving family unscathed—including her doting, adoptive Uncle Blaine. Ruby’s discovery forces her mother, Ainsley, to tell the true story of her own past, which includes a troubled marriage, family tragedy and a passionate, forbidden encounter destined to follow her for the rest of her life. Once Ainsley’s story is complete, the burden of truth passes from mother to daughter. Now, Ruby’s happiness, and that of the people she loves, rests in her youthful hands. Her choices will either hold her family together or tear it apart—and, perhaps, give her mother one last chance at love. A compelling love story, MEN AMONG SIRENS takes readers on a 20-year journey from the Navy hub of Virginia Beach to the quaint, lakeside villages of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a place whose rustic beauty remains a step removed from the breakneck-paced lives most of us lead.

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