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Musings of a Nascent Poet

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Myths and romance, Armageddon and the occult, teddy bears and fairy tales, anything can be fodder for an epic poem and Stephanie Barr proves that with this collection of poetry from her earliest days writing that is eclectic, quirky, evocative, brilliant but highly accessible while somehow holding to old-fashioned notions on poetry, making it sound as good as it looks. This is poetry made to be read aloud, all but sung.

The years seem eons, ages,
Since I traveled, young and free,
When the songs my harp would whisper
Would bring everyone to me.
Women young and soldiers aged
Came to hear my siren lyre,
Came to lose themselves in music,
Dulcet sounds of sweet desire.

So, if lyric language is your bag, if you still get transported with the poetry of Keats and Poe, but long for messages a little more here and now, this may be the poetry collection for you.

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