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NYU Murder February 6, 1955

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Ann Yarrow was an honor student at Guilford College, where she graduated in 1953. A devoutly religious woman, she attended Society of Friends' services in Queens, the home of her mother and stepfather. A master's degree candidate at New York University she studied sociology and psychology with an emphasis on social work. She frequented coffee shops in Greenwich Village and became friends with Bohemian poets such as Maxwell Bodenheim. Yarrow was living in a cold water flat on East 34th Street when she was gruesomely murdered in the early morning hours of February 6, 1955. Among the first suspects was her former boyfriend, a married man who she was hiding from while she stayed at the Lower East Side, Manhattan flat. Her murder stunned even veteran detectives on the New York Police force. She had been mutilated and stabbed nearly forty times. The imprints of her killer's fingers was obvious on her neck. She was found nude on a blood soaked mattress in the bedroom of the dingy flat that had been loaned to her by a friend.

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