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The Shi'ell Book One

Eighteen years have passed since the second fall of Pellarn. Callodon struggles to hold the line against the Goth-lords of the west. Creatures of the Toorseneth roam the wilds, seeking the white-haired, hunted by Kindred Rangers. And Last Ridings does what it can to maintain order and to live up to New Raheen's noble tenets; friyenheth, ceartus, omniumde.

In the down-below of Crown Peak waits a Morgmetal casket, a relic more than two thousand years old. In a slim wooden box waits the key to that casket, a key passed to Elayeen, Queen of Raheen, through sixty-two generations of ladies of elfkind.

And in the haven of Last Ridings waits Argovayne, son of Gawain, for the day which will see his hand turn the key, and see him become the Shimaneth Issilene Merionell of prophecy. The world awaits the wolf of Issilene reborn, the Shi'ell of Minyorn myth.

The waiting is over.

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