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Shadow on the Moon: Werewolf Series, #1

291 pages4 hours


Some Say She Likes Wolves More Than She Likes People.

People are being slaughtered high in the Arizona mountains and authorities form a wolf hunt to go after the small wolf pack that was recently introduced by the Southwest's foremost expert in wolf behavior who races into a threatening snowstorm to stop the hunt. The blame is misplaced – wolves don't rip into their prey and scatter the parts everywhere. But something is killing people and she's not quite sure it's from the natural world.

He Prowls Like a Wolf But Looks Oh So Very Human

Her car spins on an icy patch, crashes into a snowbank and she wakes up in a warm cabin. The snowstorm rages outside and a bear of a man towers over her and says she's okay now. He  treats her concussion with kindness and skill, but doesn't understand that her wolves need her. Insisting that she remain until the storm has passed, he also forbids her to go outside after dark. Soon she begins to wonder if he knows exactly what killed those campers. And if she's his house guest . . . or his prisoner. Something is killing people, for sure, and as she gets closer to finding out what she fears the knowledge may have a high price — her life.

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