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Novah Burns

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“Aliens are real. We’ve been working together since the 1950’s. In this folder are the details of the deal we made with them. Read this. Honor this. The fate of humanity depends on it.”

President Alberto Hernandez had read these words many times, as had all of his predecessors since Eisenhower. Now, with only a little more than a year until “the deal” is fulfilled, Alberto wonders what the aliens will do. Earth is well short of its quota.

Out beyond the atmosphere, S’heil – the Admiral of the Khamek fleet – has a problem as well. The alien part of “the deal,” the ship named the R’ptyr, has been stolen. The Humans will not be pleased.

Only one man, one young, troubled man fresh out of prison, has the means to secure the deal and save humanity. His name is Novah Burns.

Please note: there are some darker, adult elements in this novel, and as such is not suitable for younger readers.

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