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1 & 2 Kings

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The books of 1 & 2 Kings cover the history of Israel over a period of about 450 years (from the reign of Solomon to the exile into Babylon). The focus of the books, as the title suggests, is to trace the leadership of the nation under the kings of Israel and Judah.

It should be noted that the books are, in reality, a spiritual history of Israel and Judah. While they focus on the kings of the period, the intention of the author is to show his readers the impact of both godly and ungodly leadership in the nations of Israel and Judah. There is a strong prophetic element in these two books. They show how obedience to God and His purposes brings rich blessings. Disobedience alone brought the downfall of both nations.

The books give us a spiritual perspective on what took place during this period of 450 years. You cannot read these books without seeing the intense spiritual battle that was taking place in those days and the natural inclination of the human heart.

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