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This is about a bright, young and intelligent young lady, who had the whole world in her hands. Anna had a plan for when she graduated from high school. She would be attending a college far away, the sooner the better. Anna was determined. In fact she was very independent. She had a great head on her shoulders and was always helping others. Anna always thought of herself last. She wanted to become a school counselor. This was her calling.

This is a story that Anna, herself, would have wanted to tell. This is a story that will take away the mind of the innocent and hopefully make others aware of all the affairs that people have experienced - a story that might be better off not telling. But I feel that it should be told, not all of the embarrassing moments that a young mother might have chosen to deal with while taking care of her own affairs, not thinking everything out but just letting someone else take advantage of her body, her mind and her spirit in a family that has already lost so much. But, if no one has a voice then no one will be able to speak out about these issues. No one will know of some of the dangers that are out there when dealing with any child, even if that child is a young adult or an older child wrapped in a world of drugs, alcohol, sex, friends, and gangs all rolled up into one, as well as an unplanned pregnancy, we cannot forget the love of money.

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