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Better Thinking for Better Chess

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Better Thinking for Better Chess, Vol. 1, Ed 5, 42 pages

Struggling to improve your chess play? Learn how the mind works to elevate your game.

Are you having difficulty rising above a novice level of chess despite your best efforts? The problem may lie in the way you think. Correspondence chess expert Michael Serovey is here to help you understand the psychology behind chess mastery.

Citing a series of comprehensive studies, Serovey examines the psychological state of novice, intermediate, and strong chess players. Better chess players have different ways of thinking about present and future moves. In Better Thinking for Better Chess, you'll learn how to adopt the thinking patterns of the top chess players in the world.

Whether you're a chess fan or a new initiate to the game, you'll love Serovey's meticulous and detailed research into how you can make improvements in your own thinking patterns. It's time to find a new way to make a drastic improvement in your playing level.

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