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Rein in the Night

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After Keena's fiance leaves her standing at the alter to run away with her half-sister, Keena decides she needs to get away to heal. She wants solitude in a place she's never been. From the moment she sets foot on the grounds of Luna Mountain Ranch deep in the Colorado Rockies, she is pursued by the sexiest cowboy she's ever laid eyes on. Keena thinks an affair with him will help her become a woman like her half-sister, China, one who doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself and never gets hurt. But there is something strangely different about Ryan. This ranch hand has a secret that everyone seems willing to keep from Keena. They warn her to stay away from him, but when Keena looks into Ryan's eyes, she sees the pain and loneliness she knows are reflected in her own. Denying herself the pleasure of his touch might mean the difference between saving her life and losing it forever.

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